One of the most popular fruits to be used as an eliquid flavor is raspberry. Raspberry is a sweet, soft fruit that belongs to the family of blackberries, having the color reddish-pink drupelets. It has a sweet taste and aroma. It makes a great flavor for vaping too. In fact, using your e-cigarette with this flavor is perfect for daily vaping if you want to skip the premium vape ejuices for a while.  But if you wish to enjoy the feeling of sipping on a cool raspberry juice on your office break, have a puff of Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavored E-liquid. This will surely leave your senses awakened.

Eonsmoke has always been bringing us the best vape juice basic flavors. Other basic flavor selections include Apple, Peach, Watermelon, Kiwi Strawberry, Pineapple, Coffee, Mint, Grape, Vanilla and a whole lot more. For now, let’s talk about Eonsmoke’s Raspberry vape juice because it’s one ejuice that you should definitely try.


Eonsmoke’s E-liquids are available in 15ml bottles and come in a black box. The bottle design includes images of a Raspberry drupes. Clearly printed is the brand name and the size. The same design is also reflected on the box.

Flavor Profile

Raspberry is naturally luscious which is what you can expect from Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavor E-liquid. Everybody loves a little bit of a sugary boost. This sums up why Raspberry from Eonsmoke is a sought-after flavor. Not only is it sweet smelling, but it sure does remind you of a raspberry candy. Raspberry is a basic flavor. You can expect that Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavor is true to the Raspberry extract’s real taste. Vape lovers who are only into the essentials will love this option. If you’re a fan of candy-like, nice-smelling vapes, you will find Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavor vape juice to be one of the best ones out there.

VG/PG Ratio

Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavor Vape Juice has vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You can enjoy this ejuice universally with any refillable electronic cigarette or vaporizer, including all tanks. I recommend you use a rebuildable dripping atomizer to get the best of the ejuice flavor.

Vapor Production

This Raspberry flavored ejuice’s vapor production is amazing and consistent. It is heavy and really satisfying. It’s surprising how the EonSmoke basic range can deliver in terms of vapor production.

Nicotine Strength

Eonsmoke E-liquid is available in 4 nicotine concentrations. You can choose from 0mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. This is an advantage because if you’re nicotine savvy or you just like it light, you have options. What is great about the Eonsmoke range is its variety of nicotine levels. Vapers will surely enjoy this convenience.

Throat Hit

If you are a heavy smoker, then you can go big and opt for 24mg and get that killer nicotine hit. Some have used the 18mg and confessed that the throat hit was close to extreme. You can go for the 0mg nicotine concentration in case you want to minimize the intensity so you won’t end up with a nicotine level you can’t handle. We don’t want irritated throats.

About the Manufacturer

Since 2011, Eonsmoke has been on a mission to provide the most exceptional e-liquids on the market. They are always developing more lines of great-flavored vapes to introduce to the masses. After receiving such good ratings, they have no plans to stop producing the existing flavors that they offer now. They are thrilled that their e-cigarettes are widely used right now and have become a true cigarette alternative. The company is based in Garfield, New Jersey.

Where to Buy

If you want a taste of a delicious berry basket anytime and anywhere, grab Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavored Eliquid. A 15ml bottle can be purchased at for only $6.99! Go check out for other Eonsmoke flavors that are equally satisfying.


Eonsmoke’s Raspberry Flavor is a basic ejuice flavor. It is super affordable and gives you that sweet and aromatic experience with every puff. If you have sampled other e-liquids with raspberry flavor and you were not impressed, you need to try this one. Head on over to and skim through Eonsmoke’s premium range. But if you want it plain and primary, grab the Raspberry selection now and enjoy a sweet treat!


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