Magic flight launch box review 02I have been a smoker for more than ten years, and it was only a month back when I finally decided to take action. I wanted to start a healthier smoking habit as I learned and heart about vaping.

I made this decision because I’m not growing any younger and I want to be a father to my kids for as long as I can. I did my research and given my small budget, I went with the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Here’s my Magic Flight Launch Box review and I hope that it can help you out.


The Magic Flight Launch Box came with a black velvet bag and an extra charger that I purchased. I was very impressed with the box. I thought the construction of the box was very good and it seemed like extra care and attention was put into making this box.

Looking at the box closely, I noticed further details like the sturdy lid, design elements, and smooth edges.

Also, there are wordings on the box like “Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose by love,” which I find to be very positive.

How to Use It?

Using the Magic Flight Launch Box is quite simple. Here are the steps:

Grind the material and fill the tray with it. Be careful not to pack too much.
Put the battery until you see a little orange light under the tray.
Place mouth over the outlet hole, or you can use a glass mouthpiece.
Start inhaling the vapor and release the battery afterward.
If you’re not getting enough vapor, open the box and mix the material. Or do what I do, I simply shake the box in between each draw for more vapor.

What Technique is Used?

Magic flight launch box review 04Tobacco smoking and vape smoking utilize different techniques. And you’ll only notice it when you’re able to try both.

When smoking the Magic Flight Launch Box, the technique can be tricky at first.

The technique I find useful was breathing naturally, but a little slower than usual. This is the best way to draw in the vapor to your lungs.

As for the length of breathing time, it will depend on you. Personally, I prefer breathing out of my nose. It’s a habit I’m used to, and I enjoy the better smell and taste of the natural herbs this way.

Reviewing the pros and cons of the Magic Flight Launch Box


The Good

I really like my purchase. I know I’ve mentioned that I have little budget to work with and I decided to buy the Magic Flight Launch Box because it’s the best I can afford. Well, there are no regrets on my part. I’m quite delighted. Here are the good points:

Size: The small size makes it very portable.
Fast Heating: Upon placing the battery, I can start vaping within five seconds.
Satisfaction: I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I’m satisfied with the experience. Although vape smoking is very different from tobacco smoking, I don’t find it less powerful at all. I like the different experience too.
Health: Immediately after switching, I feel like my chest is lighter now and I like that feeling. It makes me feel like I’m on the right track, the healthy track that is. Further, I’ve begun to really like the smell and taste of the natural plants. I find it therapeutic.
Ease of Use: The Magic Flight Launch Box is definitely easy to use. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and I love the construction of the box itself. By the way, the package comes with a tiny brush for cleaning the tray. It’s quite discreet too.
Affordable: This portable vaporizer is very affordable; it’s valued for your money.
The Bad

I don’t want to be biased here despite all my good points. But of course, the Magic Flight Launch Box has some room for improvement too. Unfortunately, I can only think of one at this point.

Earlier, I described the process of using it. If you noticed, it was quite labor intensive. I had to push the battery to start vaping and release the battery afterward. This can be bothersome for many. It would be nice if the battery can be permanently placed in the battery holder then a button is used to start the vaping process. That would be more convenient.

Another issue I’d like to point out is the tiny material tray. Some people can get disappointed with the small size, but I’m not. Come on, what can you expect from a small portable vaporizer?

My Verdict

Upon using the Magic Flight Launch Box for a couple of weeks now, I am glad to say that it has performed to my expectations. I highly recommend this product especially if you’re not too picky about portable vaporizers and if you’re on a budget. The entire package is well put together, and the craftsmanship is excellent. I think I’ll be holding on to this vaporizer for quite a while.

For value for money, it’s hard to beat the Magic Flight Launch Box. It’s made from U.S. high-quality materials. Its simplicity is one of its best selling points. It can be used everywhere even if it’s windy. But before I go, I do advise you to grind your herbs finely. The box works better with these, so you need to have a good herb grinder too.

Hopefully, this Magic Flight Launch Box review will be of help to you.

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