For a lot of people, they will take an electronic cigarette and automatically think they are getting something better than cigarettes. In most cases, this is very true, and for a lot of people, including medical professionals, they tend to think the electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to what people could be smoking. However, some people are still going to ask the age-old question as to what is the e-cig juice and what does it contain. Well, the answer is going to be very easy to find and when people know about what is in the e-cig juice it will be easy for them to find the best product to use and know it is going to help them out.

How Many Ingredients Are In E-Cig Juice

In most of the juices, people are going to find it will consist mainly of 5 ingredients. So people will not have to be concerned about the product creating a lot of issues or being stocked full of ingredients they are not able to pronounce. With that being said, it does not mean that all of these ingredients are going to be natural. So this could be of concern to some people as they are trying to keep an all-natural part of their life.

Vegetable Glycerin

This is a product that is going to be used to make up the majority of the product that people are going to be using. When people know this, they will start to see this is going to be concerning to some because the vegetables may be something they are not sure about. With this product is does makeup to eighty to ninety percent of the product is going to be made up of this product.

This product is mainly used for people to get the base that is needed. However, people will find the product is a common additive in food supplements and has been safely used for several years now. So this is something that people will enjoy knowing, but it is also used in other types of personal care products as well so people need to realize this can be a major issue if they have any allergies to an item that contains this as an ingredient.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is another product that is commonly found in the e-juice, and it is often going to be found as being mixed with the vegetable glycerin, and it is often going to be seen as making up a variety of densities in the machines. However, most of the time the mixtures will be a fifty to fifty blend, but it is going to be something that people are going to want to make sure they know about as it will help produce most of the vapor that people want to see.

The common reason this is going to be used in the item is people will be able to get a vapor that they want. The common use for this product is in the vapor machines, which is what people need to realize is present and often will be seen as an item that can create problems for them and if these are not properly flavored it could lead to people getting the chemical taste that they do not want to have.


With most of these products, people will find they are going to get a variety of flavors to try to use and know if it is going to suit them perfectly. The problem is people do not realize the flavoring needs to be considered in the ration as well if they are going to get the great taste they want to have. With most of the flavoring people, especially if they are making their own will need to include up to ten percent of the total liquid as the flavor.

While most people are looking at the flavoring and will think they are going to get only mint, they need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, some of the flavors that people have found will include pineapple, citrus, cinnamon, and even some of the more spicy notes that people may want to have. So this is going to allow people to find the flavor that is going to best suit them and their needs.

Something else that is important for people to consider with the flavoring is the fact this is food grade flavoring. So people do not have to be as concerned about the products not providing them with the highest level of quality they have come to expect when they are using these products. It is important to note that just like some companies try to use substandard products for food, it can happen here as well so it is important to review the products and see if anyone has had this complaint.


This is often going to be the addictive additive that people are going to want to have in their juice. While most people know this is found in cigarettes, they need to realize this is also found in the electronic cigarettes because of the different ways these are made. However, people will also enjoy the fact that these are going to be made with a varying amount of nicotine concentrations and sometimes the concentration level can be as low as 0.2 percent, which is very little overall. The upside is some of the companies will have this level of nicotine up to a 2.4% level depending on what people are looking for.

When people are looking at these, they are going to find this is not the run of the mill nicotine they have seen. With most of these they are going to be using only the highest quality of products that people want to have. So this is going to be something that people will enjoy because they do not have to be concerned about the product not living up to the expected standard they want to have.

Distilled Water

Yes, people that are right sometimes the companies tend to put distilled water in these juices. The reason for the water is the fact the water is going to help break up the solution even more. This is going to help get the concentration levels of the products down to what is viewed as an acceptable level, but also help people in getting to see the level is not going to create any harm for them.

When people are using the distilled water in these items, it is going to be very safe and often the water is sterilized even in the distillation process. So this means people do not have to be concerned about having any issue with the products nor do they have to be concerned about the products causing them harm because it is over concentrated.

While most people are looking at the different types of flavors they can get in their e-cig juice, they do not even know what some of the basic ingredients in the juice are and just rely on the companies to tell them. By knowing about the five basic ingredients, though, it is rather easy for people to know if they should be worried about the product leading to health issues in the future or if they are safe enough that this concern will be a mute point for people not to have to be worried about.

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