After doing some reading on this vaporizer called the Firefly, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to try it. Gizmodo mentioned it as one of the top stoner gifts of the year for this recent holiday season. It was also said in a New York Times article for its new technology and sleek design.

The Firefly is a compact convection style vaporizer used for loose leaf tobacco and other dry herbs. The MSRP for a new unit is $269.00. Not the cheapest vaporizer on the market, but it does come with a hefty five-year warranty.

Whats in the Box?

Firefly Vaporizer Unit
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Cleaning Kit
AC Adapter
Soft Case
User Manual

Vape Construction

The first thing I noticed when I started up the box and pulled out the Firefly, was it’s sleek modern design. I’ll say I was rather impressed; it felt pretty good in my hand. Though the Firefly weighs almost three times as much as a Pax, it feels very well made and durable.

The Firefly is available in three different colors, red, black and silver. The magnetic plate lid that covers over the borosilicate glass heating chamber is interchangeable, allowing for lids with different colors. Not all that useful, but still kind of cool. One of the best features of the unit was the window on the magnetic lid that gives a full view of the heating chamber, allowing me to track of the status of my herbs, without having to open the packing chamber just to check.

There are no heat settings that come on the Firefly; it’s more like the longer you hold it, the hotter it gets. Though it never gets hot enough to burn the herb, there is a slight learning curve on how to achieve the perfect thick vapor everybody wants.

Also interchangeable is the battery and battery cover, again allowing for a mix up of the three color combinations for the cover. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the Firefly recharges in just 45 minutes and has about 50 puffs worth of juice in it. With the option to have a second battery(which is sold separately), since the unit itself is not the battery.

How to use the Firefly

Using the Firefly is pretty easy, here are the basic steps.

Remove magnetic cover
Place finely ground dry herb in the all-glass chamber
Place the magnetic cover back on
Slide the button to unlock (located on the left side of the unit)
Hold the power button (located on the right side of the unit)
Enjoy thick, delicious vapor in a matter of seconds
Though the Firefly has a remarkable heating time of 100-400 deg in ten seconds, I found that it made the experience a little better if I held the button down a good 5 seconds before beginning to draw tasteful, thick vapor into my mouth.

Pros of the Firefly

Beautiful design that is sure to impress anyone
Full view of the heating chamber
Extremely fast heat up time
Glass and metal vapor path make for delicious tasting vapor
Battery charges in just 45 minutes
Very easy to clean and maintain
5-year warranty

Cons of the Firefly

A little heavier than most portable vaporizers
Bigger than most other units
Its a bit expensive
Slight learning curve in its use


Overall I think the Firefly is a beautiful vaporizer. It has a beautiful look and feels. Delivering excellent tasting vapor in little to no time at all with its extremely fast heat up time, its perfect for a quick hit anywhere. The window allows you to keep an eye out for the condition of your herb and saves you the hassle of having to continually check if its time for a new batch. The all-metal and glass vapor path ensures a beautiful taste with every use. And since maintenance is always an important factor, it’s important to mention how simple it is to clean the Firefly Vaporizer. This saves you more time to enjoy its delivery of excellent tasting vapor. Though the unit cost more than saying its biggest competitor, the Pax, don’t let the price scare you away. It is worth every penny, and the five-year warranty is one of the longest available on the market of today’s portable vaporizers. Though it’s more prominent and weighs a bit more than the Pax, the Firefly heats up faster and is much easier to maintain. So If you want something that’s very beautiful in design, whether its set down on the table or in your hand, look no further the Firefly. It could just be the vaporizer for you.

I hope my review of the Firefly was helpful information and gets you closer to choosing the best portable vaporizer for you.



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